Immediate contacts made on the day of receiving job instructions

Issuance of Preliminary Report within 14 working days from the date of Immediate Advice

Unsuccessful telephone contacts are to be replaced by the issuance and delivery of formal letters within 24 hours

Issuance of Final Report within 10 days upon receipt of complete claims supporting documents

In-depth investigations and thorough reporting

Provision of Loss Adjuster’s Immediate Advice within 24 hours of the initial visit.

Our Approach

  • We are known for having the ability to deliver solutions to complex, high-value issues, with a proactive approach to all assignments, regardless of sizes. All tasks are subject to active peer review to ensure we deliver a consistent and high-quality product.
  • Our multi-disciplinary approach means that our in-house professionals can concentrate on the specific technical issues, allowing the case adjuster to focus on policy and quantum issues and manage the case by applying the correct expertise to each area of the assignment.
  • Whatever the activity, we promise the same all-round quality, attentive customer service, exceptional levels of expertise, and team skills
  • Provide the most compelling claim settlement with acceptable evaluation for both Insured, Intermediaries and Insurers
  • Provide a well-controlled claim service
  • Provide proper claim advisory services and surveys
  • Assess the loss under the Insurance terms and wordings
  • Provide extensive loss evaluation and cause of loss
  • Provide high comfort with the primary goals to drive claims into conclusions
  • Provide general advice on all relevant property protection areas